Becoming a Champion

The hopes, dreams, and goals of every athlete is the same, the top of the podium, the best of the best. Today’s elite athletes are well-trained, knowledgeable in bio-mechanics, and well-coached.

Yet, the most important factor of winning is not widely used.

If you think you are beaten, you are.

If you think you will lose, you’ve lost.’s all in the state of mind.

"For two years after hip surgery and a back injury, I couldn’t get myself back on the podium. I was considering retiring. Then I met Tessa and decided to focus on the mental piece before retiring. She intuitively knew what needed to be healed mentally, emotionally, and physically. With Tessa’s help, I made my return to the top of the podium. Not only did I not retire, I am jumping the best I ever have. At the US Olympic Trials in 2016, I had a new personal best."

Brittney Reese, Long Jump

6 World Championships,
Olympic Gold and Silver medals

Challenges of Elite Athletes

The challenges, skills, and beliefs necessary for an elite athlete are unique from other professions.

  • In our instant digital age, an elite athlete needs to be comfortable being seen, judged, criticized as well as being praised and complimented.
  • An elite athlete has to have an inner knowing of self-worth and an unshakable belief in themselves.
  • An elite athlete must know how to handle disappointments and defeats.

Self-worth, confidence, personal power, excellence, and greatness all begin with our beliefs. All of our thoughts and feelings, choices and decisions, actions, reactions, and experiences are based on our beliefs. Our performance on the competitive field is based on our beliefs. Success is based on our beliefs. To pursue excellence, to step into our greatness, and to believe in ourselves begins by examining, recognizing, taking ownership, and healing the dysfunctional, disempowering beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

The Importance of a Healthy Body

A necessary aspect of maximum performance for an elite athlete is a healthy body. The role of the physical body is to protect us so life can continue. If our hand gets too close to a flame, the body automatically pulls the hand back to safety. Once the body has been injured, a memory of the injury is stored in the cells of the body. Since the body’s role is to protect us and keep us safe, this memory can actually hamper exerting maximum effort. For maximum performance, the cell memory needs to be healed.

Proper Use of Energy

Fear, the lack of confidence, insecurity, and not feeling empowered scatters the body’s energy which diminishes performance. Understanding how to maximize energy is necessary for maximum performance.

Work that Needs to be Done to Stand on Top of the Podium

What keeps an athlete off the podium is unique to each individual athlete, their issues, and their beliefs. To be at the top, the beliefs need to be healed, the body needs to feel safe, and the athlete needs to understand proper use of energy.

Tessa Cason 
Sports Performance Mental Coach For Athletes

This is the work I do...healing dysfunctional and disempowering beliefs, thoughts, feeling, and memories on an subconscious level as well as cellular. I enjoy working with athletes at all levels that are motivated and determined to be the best and stand on the podium. If you are interested in working with me, please email me at [email protected]


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